Halo 4 mod tool

Wont it be kind of obvious that you modded your .gpd file by having 250,000 Credits[ https://www.wemod.com/index.html ] for the first time you signed on Xbox Live leading to a ban?
Not sure what 343’s restrictions to modding are, so I’m just assuming you get a ban.
Any answers?

There’s always a chance of ban when modding.

If you don’t want a chance of being banned, don’t mod. As simple as that.

Modding is always a risk and yes the chances of getting a ban when modding such high numbers is pretty high.

Modding 1,000 or so a day seems to be the best way

Same thing with Reach for certain amount of days you are offline is the amount of cR you could add.

For example, your off xbox live for 100 days then you can add 100, 000 cR I have done it an never been banned, it all depends on how lazy 343 is :wink:

And the worst thing that can happen is being reset to zero credits so its worth a try either way your gonna start with 0 so its worth a shot.

Ya, sounds like a pretty good idea, just didn’t want to get like perma banned from multiplayer. Since it would technically be considered a 1st offense than there isnt really much to loose.

You wouldn’t get banned for that but your best bet would be to actually use the tool rather than injecting a GPD into your profile. Plus, if they say it’s a 250k GPD it could be over it and it would increase your chances of getting banned also.

Since it would be your first offence you will not get perma-banned, unless it’s very, very, severe.

Although you cannot use the tool, I’d highly suggest you buy Diamond so you can use it. If you don’t know how to use the tool if you get diamond, use this thread to help you:


It’s very self explanatory though.

Yup, so you already start with 0 credits so mite as well take a chance and hey you most likely keep does 250, 000 credits, you can also add 10,000 daily!

If you need help on how to mod your halo 4 credits then go to the link below


Thanks for the help, had Dimond before lol, Ill probably get it back if a borderlands 2 mod tool becomes available. But I already have an .exe file that is a halo 4 .gpd file mod tool for free:thumbsup:

Nothing will over-run Horizon though, :wink:
It’s up to you though, use Horizon for the Halo 4 tool or use the free one. In The Horizon one, you can add 10,000 per day and 250,000 before your first login to Halo 4.

It’s up to you though. And for the Borderlands 2 tool, I’m sure it’ll be out sooner or later, just gotta be patient. :smile: You could suggest the tool here:


Hopefully your suggestion will go above and beyond!

Just a question, do you know if the horizon devs will be adding a minecraft mod tool?

No I do not, you could ask the Dev’s through a PM but they are super busy.
Your best bet would be to create a suggestion. :smile:

Minecraft is really simple to mod and not really worth putting on Horizon, you can always make a suggestion Here.

We’re not working on a minecraft tool right now. Please stay on topic.

Just curious. Where did the 250,000 offline credit limit come from and why is it so much larger than Reach’s cap? Is this just an estimate or is there a something hard-coded into the game specifying this?

i agree i already modded mine it gets you to lvl 30 the only thing im regretting it the sp points how would that work bc it takes alot to rank up for just 1sp when you lvl 30

Ya, sounds like a pretty good idea, just didn’t want to get like perma banned from multiplayer. Since it would technically be considered a 1st offense than there isnt really much to loose.

Im so confused right now, From what i am reading you can add 250,000 credits before you go online, how would i do so as i can’t access the tool until the game is on my profile can i?

when i get the game on Tuesday would i load the game up without being connected to xbl and then open the save up in horizon and mod the 250,000?

EDIT: Very important to me - If doing this puts you to level 20 can someone confirm how this would affect the achievements for hitting level 20?

Modding halo 4 will be a total waste seeing as how you’ll get banned on the spot, might as well earn the cR legit lol.

How do you know this? Source please?

You are not correct everyone is not going to be banned if they mod Credits, some will most likely but not everyone. Your probably saying this because you don’t have Diamond. Also you do not know until you try.