Halo 4 - New Oceanic Armor Circuit Skin

Pre-order at Wal-Mart.
Best one so far :smile:

That is so nice.

AND ITS UK!!! Woooo!

Looks pretty damn sexy, to bad I already pre-ordered at GameStop.

Looks alright besides the helmet. Realistically that helmet would be horrible.

Cancel the pre order all you need is your receipt.

That’s the best part lol?

You should clarify that this DOES NOT give you the armor, but gives the white lines on the armor, which can be used on any armor. THIS DOESN"T GIVE YOU THE ARMOR.

The helmet looks sick, and this isn’t a realistic game now is it?

What the hell happened to the Halo i used to love and play, I think this looks horrible. Just my thoughts.

Calm down :laughing:
The armor is a default armor in game but the skin can only be used on that armor.

Nothing happened, still the same halo just looks better :expressionless:

You are really an idiot if you think this is the same Halo. This is nothing like Halo.

Calm Down :laughing:
You probably suck halo, so why play it.
Also its the same dam halo master chief is back the BR is back nothing changed but a few things lol

Yep, this game is ruined.


I’ve played every halo game and was good at every single one of them. Stopped showing interest after Halo 3. This Is like Halo reach and CoD.

I’m guessing by your response you’re one of the of the 14 year old kids that gets a game cause everyone else is.

Real Halo doesn’t have Armor abilities. Real Halo doesn’t have Armor that effects combat. Real Halo is not 343i. Real Halo is not Halo 4.

best looking one so far, but they’re ruining Halo, so far doesnt feel halo like :confused:
more like Call of Duty

Missed the days when the armor looked like this, Now it looks like it was designed by a child with a bunch of color pens

wait the pre order for this is Walmart?

Yep. So far all of the pre-order bonuses look like sh**.

This one looks great but so does gamstop and best buy now I don’t know where to buy from : /