Halo 4 or mw3

witch is better halo 4 of mw3

lol 1 for mW3> see u


yeah? and bay my friend i guss i leave for littl

Two completely different games. So it depends what type of gamestyle you like the most, but I vote for MW3.

Okay singleplayer (5+ hours) and multiplayer is great.

yea I liked MW3 bc it doesn’t come with 2 disks like halo 4 and in mw3 u can use bots to play death match if u don’t have gold but I don’t like halo4 can

mw3. Halo reach is a great game if you enjoy the halo series, but I just enjoyed mw3 more. mw3 also has a survival mode that’s quite nice in my opinion.

But are you looking to play some multiplayer or mostly singleplayer?

Can you play team deathmatch with bots? And I think halo 4 has a “firefight” mode with ai enemies.

Halo: 4 >> Modern Warfare: 3

When it comes to the Halo series, H4 definitely isn’t the go-to-favorite, but MW3 is/was one of the worst within the Call of Duty series! Like someone else stated though, everyone has their own likes and dislikes so if you’re consulting us members so you can make a purchase than you go with which ever series or game you prefer.

Even tho they are both FPS you can’t really compare in the sense of “Which is better” at least IMO since they are two different shooters. One’s a more Sci-fi & the other is a little more “realistic”. That’s just me tho & how i always looked at it. I Enjoyed both for a while & own both. They’re both okay games.

I know I own mw3 on as DLC full game but cant download it to I get better internet BUT im wanting to buy mw3 on disk so I can play it now lol and I seen videos of halo 4 and I like halo in all but by the look of it it looks like gears of war u know were u have to use almost all your bullets just to kill one guy but as for mw3 it takes like 3 shots to kill someone

The skyboxes in Halo 4 alone are better than MW3.

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