Halo 4 Requiem (3rd mission) Mod Warning

If you do the savegame modding (invincibility) you will not be able to complete the mission, it will keep resetting you. As of now I have not found a way around this, however, if I do I will update this thread and let you know.

STAFF EDIT: Do not discuss Halo modding tools in this thread, if you have a problem PM a staff member.

You sure? I just finished the game last night legendary invincible and didnt have one problem on any mission.

Oh wow. Then I won’t try this. Ever.

yes, tried it roughly 5 or so times, not working for me

One says yes, one says no…anyone else tried it that can confirm or deny?

how do you make yourself invincible?

By use of a game save editor known as Liberty.

will have to check this out thanks

I didn’t even know liberty had added halo 4

Do some research before you go making everyone avoid using the Liberty editor
You can use it for Invincibility but there is a bug in the ammo and grenades coding they are trying to fix.

I just completed Requiem on legendary modded with liberty with no problem, the only thing i do not do throughout the entire campaign is mod my grenades, this was passed a long by a friend of mine who after trial and error figured it out

Completed Halo 4 legendary modded just fine using liberty, No bugs or problems at all.

Can anyone give me a download link for Liberty? I downloaded it, but when I load my save it says that halo 4 saves are not supported yet. How are you guys using it to mod your halo 4 save?

delete the update on for halo 4 then make a save then try.

Would I have to play the game offline? Or can I make the save and then mod it and update my game and play?

Liberty - Download: v3.4.0.1 Release 28th October 2012

So you cannot use Liberty when the game has been updated?

you can do that

once modded the save, do u have to mod it again after every mission is finished? :confused:

yes you do