Halo 4 Weapon List, New Armor Ability, Spartan Ops: Anoj Explains

Credit system coming back… joining in session. :anguished:

1:35 Quickly flashes halo ception lol

Seems good so far; different from the traditional Halo, but it looks great to me.

Ugh… Not credits again… Do people not learn from mistakes…

up to 3 mins i thought they were talking about a halo/black ops mix.

im glad health packs are gone but PISSED there is no more elites or duel wielding. like wtf??

seriously… tap X to respawn after death

then you have sprint as default. i miss the old halo where there was NO armor abilities and sprint. Armor abilities are just for people who aren’t good at the game to feel like they’re amazing when they camp in a corner with active camo waiting for someone to come around to kill

I really miss halo 2. That is the god of all multiplayer games. If you do not know halo 2 or never played it, then you are missing out. Pretty much all halo 2 veterans i guess you could say understand why this is going to be a crap multiplayer. All of the games now are just way too alike. I dont feel like buying a game that i just bought with different characters and guns

I understand you completely, I was around playing Halo 2 over XBL all the time. It had an outstanding multiplayer. But that’s the thing with Halo, every Halo after Halo:CE evolved and became advanced in it’s own way. By Bungie adding in new things, such as weapons, armor, obviously maps, and newer graphics. I mean, I loved Halo 2 and Halo 3. The campaign is what really go me into Halo though, nothing else. The campaign of the Halo games really pumped me up because they were just absolutely epic. and had a huge cliffhanger just about every time! And the thing with Reach was it being different. Just different. With the whole cR deal, armor abilities and the large amount of ranks. But have you seen the campaign? The campaign to Halo: Reach was just amazing! But it was different because this time the protagonist actually died. Because it isn’t repetitive like CoD, but is new in it’s own way because that’s Halo. This is why I’m embracing Halo 4, because I’m looking forward to the Campaign and I believe that it will be flat-out amazing! I understand that not everyone who plays Halo plays the campaign, but that’s just what got me into the series. Halo fan 5eva

Just my 2 cents on it.

Making it CoD.

Well this game is going fail miserably.

I hear ya. the campaigns is what made me keep buying halo. but honestly (imo) every halo campaign got worse after CE. Halo 2’s was still awesome and i still love playing it but it just wasn’t better than the first. Halo reach and ODST were terrible campaigns. Just because you weren’t chief. I understand how reach was before CE so i get that. But i still think they just need to stick with chief. As for MP, they really need to get rid of the CR system. and stick with number rankings like H2. I honestly cant find one real flaw about H2. That was/is seriously my favorite game of all time

Spending hours and hours when i got home. fighting with my bros to get to use the xbox to play it. even the mods they had were just awesome. best mods of all time.

then having the glitches to mess with your friends. Not to mention the clans!!

If they really want to do something good with H4 MP, they NEED to bring back that clan system at least.

but yeah i understand what you are talking about. Just dont like where the game is going. And im sure H4’s campaign will be great. Prob not as good as the first but still better than 3, odst, and reach

Why the **** did you drop the series Bungie… You gave it to M$, known very well to ruin series and milk the **** out of them… ;(

Ohhh, I completely forgot about ODST, lol. That game was just, ehh. But I really did like Halo 3 though, considering it was my first 360 game since I was wanting to continue on with the games. Imo I found Halo 3 to be pretty badass, but we all have different thoughts. Yeah, it’s very weird playing the campaign of those games and not being Chief, I had that feeling for a while, so you have a valid point there. Reach’s campaign got pretty depressing knowing that your team was dying off. ODST had that same dark and mysterious theme to it also. Yeah, that would be great if they actually brought back that kind of ranking. That and Halo 3’s ranking where it took some actual skill and teamwork if you wanted to rank up. Miss those days. Thank you for the reply, I appreciate opinions that are actually supported.

halo 3’s ranking wasn’t bad. i still perfer that game over reach lol. only thing i dont like. DERANKING!! lol. that game’s deranking made it impossible to rank up towards the end haha. also i enjoyed some of H3’s maps. nicely balanced for the most part. yeah halo 3 had a pretty good campaign. i did like the new flood as well. really miss the flood with odst and reach but i guess during its time for the games there wasn’t any.

Luckily I haven’t been deranked, but every time I want to play Team Doubles with a friend I can’t. Because every “team” you come across upon are kids who are trying to derank themselves or are trying to get a 50 in doubles for someone. And then some kick you offline for a minute or so, so that they can have the “victory”. Other than that, I hated how I would lose EXP whenever I quit a game. Not that I would rage, but whenever I had to leave to go somewhere.

He got a few things wrong 1. you dont buy spartan ops missions with spartan points and 2. the random weapon drops are for power weapons only, other weapons will still be on the map. My honest opinion it looks like Halo 4 is ganna be drop dead amazing!..its ganna put halo right back on top of the map. I dont like to judge one halo game campaign over another because i feel like its all HALO and it all contributes to the universe. I loved every halo game campaign including the newer ones and i do think the multiplayer dwindled after halo 2 but its looking like halo 4 might make multiplayer less COD(like reach) and more Halo. Side note everyone needs to shut up saying its like COD…its nothing like COD at all…instead of jumping to false conclusions…pay attention for once…

P.S. i have a theory that forge is coming back a thousand times better. Due to the fact that every map will take place in a simulation room that can make up any environment… chances are halo 4s “forge” will allow you to go an extra mile and actually MAKE your maps( kinda like the Far cry editor but a little less complex) this is just a theory but agian it def fits

I miss Halo 2 :anguished: