Halo 4 Xp Cap?

Is there going to be a cap for this game, if so how much is it? I hope not that would be stupid

A cap? What do you mean a Cap? :stuck_out_tongue: Just wondering.

XP/Cr cap and yes there is not sure how much it is but its something like 2k a day. I know theres an editor for halo 4 allready which says u can add 250k first time before you go online with halo 4 then 2k after that i think?

2k doesn’t seem like very much…

He’s talking about the Horizon editor and not what you’re talking about. I think there isn’t a cap, and if there is, no one has probably hit it yet since there is so little people online.

highest SR i have seen is 33

Oh lol ok I was gonna say 2k is only like 200 kills…

I hope there isn’t, I want to be able to exploit the glitches xD

I don’t know if I said that right, but yeah.

oops my bad, just realised where i went with that. Yea i was talking about the editor. The amount of XP/Cr you can earn a day before hitting the cap im not sure. Im prity sure they will limit you to how much you can get a day but dunno what it is.
Been a long day at work n im lil tired :-/

Do you know how much it is?

Edit: oh…

I’m affriad not mate, But im sure there is a cap i can remember seeing it somewhere. But like you i still hope there isnt one! i hated hitting that dam cap n playing games and not seeing me earn any cR lol

Have you not been watching the machinima live stream? they’re like 39 and keep gaining obviously… lol

Can you post a link please?

You can bring 250,000 credits online the first time you connect. After that it is 10,000 per day. If you are just online earning credits legitimately the daily max is 160,000

Even if there is a daily cap, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to bypass it by changing your timezone, just like you’re able to do on reach.