Halo 5 beta tommorow!

This is only for xbox one preview program members so if your not one try and get an invite

Will you invite me please? lol all i can offer is graphics in return or two dollars that i have left on my paypal xD. If you can’t that’s okay! Anyone who can tho i’d greatly appreciate it.

So who wants to invite me to the preview program?

Could I get an invite please? Thank you!

So will i be able to actually get in on this with an invite or will it be for people that were already in the program? I just now thought of that.

I’m a preview member, so if it’s a code you receive just pm me and I’ll give you the code when I get it. First to pm me gets it (I will only pick active members that have been on the site for more than 6 months)

Would love a beta code if anyone has one to spare

Well, prior to the H5 Beta ending, the beta was available for all to play; except for the first week.

The image above shows that the Beta was from Dec. 29th - Jan. 18th.

How do you get into the preview program? Someone in it has to invite you to it? If so what’s their limit?

there is no limit on how many peopel you can invite but cant you jsut access the beta through the halo disk i havent gotten on it recently so i dont knwo if the beta ended or not. But if youd like an invite add me HOX x Typh00n and ill send you an invite!

Just read the text within the image that you posted/created this thread with…

December 29th - January 18th

I know lol I was replying to aden :stuck_out_tongue: !

I know, I was just telling you for if you forgot since you said “I dont knwo if the beta ended or not.”

The halo 5 beta has ended already. It ended 2 days ago.