Halo 5: Guardians Beta Now Available to Preview Members

Alright people, so for those that are in the preview program, you should start receiving your 2 codes for the Beta. 1 is for the Beta itself, and the other is a Special Invitation to the Beta. If you are not going to play the Beta, you can always give away the 2 codes to someone, like me and a few other people on the forums, for them to enjoy. Hope to see a message or 2 in my inbox.

Yeah i’m still looking for someone who is willing to part with those codes lol. No luck tho since i can’t offer much in return except for my graphic services or whatevers left on my paypal.


Someone will find you and ask you if you still want the codes.

Well that’s what i’m hoping haha but so far nothing so i will patiently wait for right now. :smile:

Well you have until the 21st to get the 2 codes to be able to play the beta early, then after that you have to wait until the 29th to play the beta when it fully releases.

I Will just have to sit & wait to see what happens from here until then!

Yup. Same here.

Anyone have any extra code they are willing to give out?

Don’t think anyone wants to share lol people smuggling them codes. Been trying since 4:30