Halo 5: Guardians manages a near-perfect 60fps

[/img]Now that Halo 5: Guardians has gone gold, Digital Foundry has subjected the final build to its loving attentions.

According to the group’s analysis, Halo 5 maintains an almost perfect frame rate, duping frames only during loading transitions.

It does this by adjusting the game’s resolution on the fly. Full 1080p is “a bit of a rarity”, apparently, but the frame rate stays solid at 60fps thanks to this clever bit of engineering.

Making this even more impressive is the sheer amount of stuff going on in each area – loads of enemy and friendly units, background laser battles, and more. You can see that in action in the video below.

The footage does show off the start of the game, including cut-scenes, so don’t watch if you want to go in pure when Halo 5 launches for Xbox One on October 27.

Source: TheTechGame.com