Halo 5 Guardians - One hour of multiplayer beta footage

[/img]A video showing an hour of gameplay footage from the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta has been posted online.

The footage is taken from a recent HaloFest event in LA and shows Slayer and Breakout gameplay on the maps Empire and Crossfire.

Despite the voiceover at the start of the video, there is no commentary on the footage itself, allowing you hear to hear the direct-feed audio from the game.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched on November 11 today and comes with guaranteed access to the Halo 5 multiplayer beta, which kicks off on December 29 and ends on January 18.

The beta will render at 720p and run at 60 frames per second, according to 343 Industries, though the final game is expected to render at a higher resolution.

Source: TheTechGame.com

meh not to interested in MP. just hope the campaign isn’t as ****ed as halo 4 was

343, explain what the **** this is…

that’s some kind of after a dance battle celebration…

They are trying to make the 4th Generation of spartans be more in line with humanity. I mean as it is right now, if people when a game, they go crazy by T-bagging, shooting their guns everywhere, etc etc etc.

Like I said when H4 was releasing, I really hop3 this game makes Halo a top contender again!
…I just want to be sucked into a Halo game like I was with H3!

Well this time around, they are making it a competitive skill based ranking system and they are adding like 7 tiers to the system including pro and semi-pro. I can actually source it for you.

Source: http://teambeyond.net/halo-5-ranking-system-details/