Halo 5: Guardians trailer leaks online

[/img]A new trailer has surfaced for Halo 5: Guardians, however not in the most traditional manner. Supposedly, according to multiple members of the Halo subreddit, a trailer is being run in US movie theaters, as an advert before films begin. The trailer has given us little in regards to new information, however includes some never before seen shots from the game.

The trailer adds no new information regarding the story, or features included in the title, and mostly recaps previous statements made by developer, 343 Industries, in earlier documentaries and at press briefings. Multiple employees from the studio make an appearance in the trailer, talking about what the game offers, and design decisions made in the development process. We also see a rehash of previously debuted clips of both Blue Team, and Fireteam Osiris.

New clips within the trailer may be short, but still foreshadow what is to come in Halo 5: Guardians. Towards the latter half of the video, we are able to see iconic character Thel ‘Vadam, also known as The Arbiter, commanding a group of Elite forces, supposedly on Sanghelios. Sanghelios is a newly visited planet in Halo 5, and will allow players to experience the Elite home world, for the first time in the game itself. Whether we will see large sections of Elite combat in-game is unknown.

Most notably, we also see the first footage of the two opposing primary characters, Master Chief and Spartan Locke, fighting in an in-game cutscene. While this is only a short snippet, it confirms a solo encounter between these two characters, which many have hoped for since their rivalry was announced. The clip can be found at 1:47 in the trailer, showcased below.

Source: TheTechGame.com