Halo CEA Debug Menu

Not yet. On your copy is everything in the cheats menu pre-selected as checked? Mine are all pre-checked, and I can use A to deselect/select them, but no matter which button I click I cannot save my choice (which is still irrelevant, because there all enabled so they should work).

I’m starting to think I only partially enabled this, or that there is maybe another check somewhere that I’m failing.

I need to go get another clean user.cfg and game.cfg, I think I borked mine.

Can you make a save for me? One that’s ready to pick up the Bandana skull on the 4th mission, and just that skull for the save?

Like I said – I didn’t make ANY changes to mine and it’s enabled by default – just checks to see if you’re on a dev I think. Everything is pre-selected and I haven’t found any way to save their checked states either.

Catch me on msn sometime (ibotpeaches(at)gmail.com).

Notice how everything in the debug menu is located in the game.cfg file? I think the collisions and cheat menu should have values in there or another cfg file, but they were removed prior to retail.

You can find all the names of the cheats

So right now I’m just trying to place those within the DEBUG { } and even making my own called CHEATS {}, and just guessing the naming convention like dbgBottomlessClip etc etc.

So my question for any dev owners. Can you pause execution and see what value the name of the variable name should be. You can tell that it runs this

GetDbgVar(dbgVarName: string) trying to grab the var, I just can’t get my little jtag to read that string at the instant I select/deselect (if thats even possible).

i found on if u load the halo mission, and not be signed in with a gamertag and when you shoot the assault rifle it changes the sound and it says bang haha idk about other lvls

I noticed that as well. I didn’t look through the XEX or related files (except the CFG’s) as I’ve been pretty busy with school, but I added you on MSN and would be more than happy to do some debugging.

That’s pretty awesome! Did you do this by activating the debug menu at the main menu, then force loading a map?

Just out of interest guys could all this lead to any kinda possible mods for retail games ?


This probably won’t, but game save mods are being worked on by the Liberty team.