Halo Combat Evolved Remake Release Date in ’11

The rumored Halo Combat Evolved Remake has become a reality. Inside sources claim that the Xbox 1 classic will indeed receive a visual overhaul and be released to the Xbox 360. Joystiq, reports that the game will not be running on the Halo Reach engine but the controls will be more akin to the recent Halo games. Audio is said to have not been changed from the original release, but the game itself is supposed to support 1080p and 3D. The alleged developer behind the release? New Jersey based Saber Interactive who worked on Timeshift. Further details such as the inclusion of multiplayer or cooperative campaign are still being said to be “worked out”. The game is scheduled for a November 15th, 2011 release. This would mark the ten year anniversary of the launch of the original Xbox console and Halo: Combat evolved which was a first day release.

[size=9]Source: thetechgame.com[/size]

It begins… :expressionless:

Combat Evolved!

O.o. this will be good

I’m freaking excited! :smiley:

YES!!! This will be AMAZING!!!

Day 1 purchase for me.

Would have preferred a Halo 2 remake, but I loved CE too and anything is better than Reach.

As would I, but I’m sure they’ll get to it.

They are making a Halo: CE Remake first, then probably a Halo 2 one…

Just don’t **** up the game, It’s remake. Don’t add anything that will unbalance the original flow of Halo.

If they make both Halo and Halo 2 for the 360 ill get it the first day and probably stick with playing them until something better comes out

I couldn’t agree more with you, if I see even one pixel out of place I’m going to rage.:lol:

Halo: CE was far from unbalanced. Lmao.
Looks like Bungie is making Marathon :]

Where can I pre-order? I want this game the second it comes out.

The original balance of Halo? Weapons Overpowered is what made the game fun, They can’t take away from the original formula and deliver a new game with new concepts and call it a remake. Developers do it all the time which makes the FanBase mad.

Last time Bungie was out of the picture in a Halo game (Halo Wars) it was completely terrible in my opinion. Hopefully Saber can make a decent game out of it.

NIce i cant wait till it comes out!!

If halo 2 came out It would be crowned king and Black Ops would be dead

But I heard they were they just wanted Halo to come out first so we can hope for 2 in 2012

Timeshift was a giant turd though