Halo Infinite Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

Sigh… yet another game on wemod that does not work.

All cheats are working. Please provide more info instead of just saying “another trainer that doesn’t work”. as it is extremely hard to offer any support without any details.

I’ll make another try today but if I remembering well, the trainer stopped working on my computer after an update of Microsoft game services.

I’ll make an edit of this post as soon as I tried it.

I am having this exact same issue. Open game, launch trainer, then receive an error message saying there was difficulty locating the game. It could very well be an update of some sort, as it was working excellent up to a few days ago. Still, I love this group and everything that they do. Looking forward to some insight on this, thanks!

Not working… Halo is up and running but not its wemod trainer…


Never mind; Re-installed Halo Infinite.


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Just want to echo that reinstalling the game worked for me as well. Not sure if some update moved some files around, but all is good now. Thanks califlip32 for your feedback.

Are you on the beta build of WeMod? MS did a Windows update last week that caused these issues and a fix was released to beta.

I am on the most recent standard/stable release version. That could be it

i had to reinstall the game for the mods to work. Health and shields almost always work, it takes a few tries sometimes. Ammo and reload are completely hit and miss. sometimes you have to restart the game and trainer several times to make them work, and then it does not always work once you switch weapons.

The ability to add skill points would be great. for the grapple and other aux. abilities.

i forgot to add i am using the beta Wemod!

thank you for the great trainer and all of your hard work!