Halo modding tools

By any chance can someone tell me whos in charge of the halo modding tools on horizon?

If I remember correctly it was Xenomega who is no longer around here.

So is it still freegame or is someone new there

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Horizon is only getting updates as needed and we might add a game if it has a huge demand but Xbox 360 is EOL. We aren’t bringing on new devs for Horizon.

what i meant was, is someone new in Xenomega’s place or does it still remain empty but i think i got my answer, thanks

one more thing why cant i use my awarded badges in my profile settings?

No one has taken his place as we haven’t had a need for it.

As far as badges go we have it disabled.

ok and ok, that makes sense,i thought it was a glitch or something thanks