Halo: Nightfall

So what do you all think about the Halo: Nightfall TV series? I have only seen the first Episode so far but it seems a lot more interesting than Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy!

I saw all the episodes, and I was surprised at how good Nightfall is.

Wait what? Educate me, please.

Educate you on what G Eazy?


Have you never seen nightfall before?

I cant see them it says i need to buy halo makes no ****ing sense

No, I haven’t.

It is a Halo TV show (one of two) that you can only watch through the Halo Channel on the Xbox One (even though it probably was uploaded by someone for YouTube).

Here’s more info on it.

It’s basically 5 episodes about a group of UNSC that went back to the destroyed Halo ring from Halo 1. The main character is the same one in Halo 5, and is also played by the same person (Nightfall is a live action series though). I heard it was pretty good, but I have not seen it yet.
Looks like it has an IMDB score of 7/10, so it seems to be reviewed decently, but that might just be because it has the Halo name.

There is another Halo TV show that isn’t out yet (or even has much info released) that is by Steven Spielberg.

They can be found on YouTube if you would like to watch them.

DO you have Halo TMCC purchased digitally or Disc Based. Either way that you purchased them, it should give you a code that you redeem to download the halo channel and unlock Halo: Nightfall.