Halo: Reach 2 Billion Credits, Max Rank, All Armor **ONLINE**

This is a GPD that you inject. It will give you the following…

  • Max LVL 50 Genral
  • 2 billion Credits
  • Purchase all Armors
  • Unlocks all Armors Also

You will need these Programs, Items, and Downloads:

Horizon(Rehash and Resign)
Le Fluffie( GPD Injector and Profile Viewer. Download Link: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
And this Modded GPD that you have to inject onto your Profile for Everything
Download Link: 4D53085B.gpd

  1. Make a copy of your Gamer Profile onto your USB

  2. Unplug your USB from your Xbox 360 and Place the Profile onto your Desktop

  3. Open Le Fuffle and inside it open up your Gamer profile (The one on the USB)

  4. When you have opened your profile, Go to the contents tab in Le Fuffle.

  5. Find in the list ‘4D53085B’ it should be near the bottom.

  6. Right click that file and click “inject”

  7. Now locate the file that you downloaded above, and click open.
    :sunglasses: Now go to the security tab and click ‘FIX’.

  8. Now go back to Horizon and put That profile back on your USB

  9. Insert USB into your xbox and transfer yourt gamer profile back onto your hard drive.

  10. Launch Halo: Reach and start playing.


Will every1 see your rank or just when you press start?

fake n gay? i think so

Not fake, I did this with another GPD that someone posted before.

Everyone will see this Online including Armor and Rank

It’s not fake works 100% Try for yourself

wait this works online?

So did I but offline. I doubt this will work online


This works online Do it yourself and you will see!

it doesn’t work online, everytime i see someone try it their just a default spartan with no rank. Only you can see your rank and thats not worth it…

Can you show picture proof of your rank not when you press start

does this have a high chance of getting you banned?

I would think so

i doubt it :anguished::frowning:

You see it works. But OTHER PEOPLE can’t see your rank and you pretty much have your rank & armor to show off to other people. It’s pointless unless other people can see it

Wait so can they see your armor or not?

Only you can see your friend cant see it this is old been posted on multiple site before.

You Cannot Have 2 Billion Credits online you can have it offline but if you sign into Xbox LIVE with the 2 billion cR Halo reach will give you the message Its impossible to get this amount of credits and gives you 2 options Forfeit all your cR or play as a spartan without the choice to buy anything from the armory Sorry

i keeps asking me to forfeit credits is there a way around this?

No its impossible so far.

how do i get past the credit forefeit? it keeps wanting me to give up my credits