Halo Reach: All boosting methods / Reset credits

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[/b][/u] [b]Welcome to the post were it shows every single boosting method.

15k People have been reset for exploiting the challenge glitch. DO AT OWN RISK[/b]

How to reset challenges:

  • Go to campaign lobby, then log out of your main profile. Sign into a offline profile and play local. Then sign into your main profile and there you go.

How to remove credit limit/cap:

  • Go to system setting,than console settings, than time zone, and change your time zone to the one on the very bottom. After you do this get back on Halo:reach, play a game in which you can earn credits,save, than go back to your dashboard and change your timezone back to what you originally had it set as. After all this is completed you should be able to earn credits again.
  1. Oni-Sword base/target locator glitch: What you will want to do for this glitch is to first start up campaign on the level on the sword base level (make sure scoring is on). After that head to your right and continue downhill past the enemies(without shooting them), after you do this there should be a target locator thingy on the left hand wall, pick that up and hide behind the crate or go to the very back(which is easier) until it says “checkpoint reached”, after that fire the target locator in the middle of the enemies and should should receive a lot of credits and a killionaire. Revert to last save and repeat.

  2. Challenge Reset Glitch: Go work on a challenge until you have it done but 1 kill. Then go get that 1 kill, and right when the challenge pops onto your screen unplug your Ethernet cord and adapter and once you disconnect sighn back in. You will get the credits and the challenge won’t be completed. (Don’t Abuse)

  3. Campain Challenge Glitch: Whenever there is a challenge that has to do with the campaign you can use the above glitch to combine with this one. First you will want to complete all but one of the kills required to complete the challenge and than go to the same spot you go to in the “Target locator glitch”, than first the target locator and when it say “challenge completed” unlug your ethernet/wireless adapter and when the message pops up “disconnected from xbox live” plug it back in and select “connect to xbox live” after this happens you should have the credits from the challenge but the challenge will still be left un-done. (Don’t Abuse)

  4. Winter Contingency: On heroic start up the mission Winter Contingency with team scoring enabled. Go through the entire mission without dying. When you reach the end of the mission activate the generator. Once activated a cutsene will start. Hit A then Y to skip the cut scene then immediately press start, save and quit. Once the game finishes loading you will be brought back to the Campaign screen. All you have to do is hit Resume Solo Campaign and watch the loading screen which will take you to the scoring screen and you will receive 200cR just for watching the game load!

Once the game finishes loading you will be brought back to the Campaign screen. All you have to do is hit Resume Solo Campaign and watch the loading screen which will take you to the scoring screen and you will receive 200cR just for watching the game load!


Go to the matchmaking mode named Score Attack. Keep voting the games until you get GP on corvette. Once you have that just play it. You will get good commendations and easy points.


  • Right when the game starts go outside and up the stairs. Camp there
  • Always stack on ammo
  • Watch for sticks and fuel rods
  • Never run down there and be dumb

Team Boosting:

The only requirements are,
around 8-10 people YOUR friends.
Also to get your friends to get only around 10-15 kills a game and tie.


The only playlist i could think of right now would be free for all. I’ll give you a couple of examples on how your going to boost your credits and your rank. So you got 8-10 people that you know and are now starting a free for all game with them. For instance if you get odd ball only let your friends get 50 points with the ball and take turns only getting 50. With slayer get only around 10-15 kills for each person, and for juggernaunt this may be a bit easygoing but get 100 points and have the next person kill them fast then keep re doing it till u all get 100.

Hope I helped.

Thank you Dude! I Only get to play Reach at ym friends on the weekend so If im looking for some credits ill be sure to try this out.
And also Thanked :smile:

Awesome bookmarked and i think this should become a sticky :smiley: but bungie will ban if you do the challenge glitch so don’t over do it.

Means a lot man. Glad this thread helped you.

Love this, Except i can’t reset the credit lock because im already GMT+12… I can only push it forward like 2-hours which sucks

Honestly,Great Post Dude.

Awesome post man this is really gonna help :smile:

If I Do the challenge thing where i unplug my ethernet cable… what is the cahnce of getting banned?

There is a slim chance of getting banned. I know nobody who has been.

nice dude amazing post

Glad I assisted you. Hope you have fun using these methods in halo!

good tut, well written and detailed. i never knew about the winter contingency thing, but you dont get much compared to how much you get from other missions.

Yeah I just thought I would throw that in their :smile:

I just tried the one on Winter Contingency and just started on rally point Bravo and still got around 200 cr each time while playing on legendary

any way to reset the challenges after u already have them?

Reset challenges: Go to campain sighn out of main profile and into offline profile. play local, sighn out sighn into main. done.

Yeah it works good. :smile:

yea i tryed that but i get the challenge and no cR any help?

These are really useful thanks for the post

Thanks, knew most of these already but nice to see a thread for them.