Halo Reach Alternate Ending Theories

K So I wanted to start a thread about the almost mythical Halo Reach alternate ending.
There is a lot of theories on how to unlock this ending and i know of 2. One being lasting more than 15 minutes on lone wolf with all gold skulls on [i just disproved this theory thanx to Horizon’s campaign editor :thumbsup:]
The other Theory is killing the Bob on each mission (gold ranger elites)
So if you know of any other theories, post them here so that people could test them out when they get the chance, and hopefully we will unlock the secret on how to unlock the alternate ending!!

i wanted to add that if you see the golen elite rangers (bobs) could you put their location in this thread so that others may try to kill them
PS:on bungie.net if you check your campaign stats it will tell you how many of each enemy you have killed and all the way at the bottom you should see it say BOB elite specialist

I dont think there is a alternate ending is there?

It is assumedthat there is because of what bungie developers have stated

What did they state and where?

post a video of the alternate endings

If there is some sort of mythical ending, it can be stripped from the disc and played on a computer. If i get time, ill see if i can find it.

Go through the entire legendary campaign in less than a certain time limit and or without dieing.

im sure you could find the exact words at bungie.net

@edge i think theres only one and if somebody does find it post a video of it please:)

That would be great if you could do that im sure many people would want to see it

How about beat the last mission with all skulls on and legendary

I Would Love An Alternate Ending Theyre Soo Cool :d

I went through it all on Legendary without dying, nothing new.

Wow thats hardcore and thanx now know one has to test that theory out lol

yea i went through the whole campagin on solo with out dying too, nothing new

did you go through in one shot? maybe its legendary, all skulls on, never die, in one shot?

I’ve only managed to find 2 videos on the disc thus far; the intro, and the credits.
I’ll keep looking though.

hmm, i would like to see an alternate ending but i highly doubt there is one.

you guys honestly believe bungie would make it that complicated lol clearly not im sure there is one but its not buy beatin legendary campaign without dying

From what i can tell, the cutscenes are rendered and kept within these files…

Anyone find the “Bonus” interesting?

EDIT:Also this…

Just no…that is way too hard and sounds retarded.