Halo: Reach Blue Flame/Bungie Nameplate

Since some people don’t understand, I’m just going to put this first before you read anything:
I need your Bungie email and password.

Hey everyone, I’m bored and wanted to help out XboxMB, so if you want Blue Flames and Bungie Nameplate just PM me your Bungie account info. If you don’t trust me that’s fine, you don’t have to PM me. I already did this for 2 people and it only takes like 1 minute. :smile:

What to do once I activate the Blue Flames and Nameplate:
If you want to put on the Blue Flames just start up Reach, go to the Armory, then Armor Effects and apply the Blue Flames.
If you want the Bungie nameplate, go to Bungie.net --> Profile --> Halo Game Settings --> Bungie Nameplate and click Change.

Cant offer teh services bro but thanks for doing mine!

Skill is a trustworthy member. he has done stuff for me before.

It’s against the rules to do something for free? And no problem.

Don’t do this, its not allowed.

Wait, Why isnt it??? Just for doing something for free? But if you do it for something thats selling… Catch 22

I’m doing this for free for people. Which is why I don’t understand why it’s against the rules, I’m just helping people out.

2.4 Buying, selling, trading, and/or offering services are not permitted.

Just did it for 2 people that PM’d me. :smile: If you guys see this post please post legit.

hmm. Yeah this is against the rules but surely theres an exception for someone who has almost 3000 posts and people posting legit…

Nope as much as i love skill <3 its in the rules bro, =[

“Offering services” >.< There’s got to be an exception I mean I am doing it for free and it’s helping people.

I know i know i know its in the rules though i will talk to a mod.

Yeah this is the safe way. Although this rule does but doesnt make sense. I guess its aimed to new members who come on and offer scam services. Not 3000 post members with people saying legit:P


I thought everyone would at least have a iTouch by now.

Trustworthy or not, you can just do this on any iDevice.

True, but I want to help the people who don’t have access to an iPod Touch or iPhone.

Some people do struggle for cash. Its the way of life. I never had one untill i started full time work. I got a 3GS than:) now i have an iphone 4.

Thats fine, just pointing out that anyone can do it. Thanks for helping though. :thumbsup: