Halo: Reach Blue Flaming Helmet Mod!

First, To clear things up this is a .map mod, so if you want it on every map, you must mod every map. This is only known possible on a Jtag…

  1. You will need Ascension Modding Tool
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  2. Open up the map Forge World in Ascension Modding Tool(dosent matter witch map(But you will need to find the correct tag numbers in step 4 if you change the map))…

  3. Now navigate to Tag Editor.

  4. Next go to the Effe Tag and look for the tag named (10119)(That is The Forge World Map Tag(Different Map tags listed below))Then open that tag that is the player Effect tags for armor effects.

Each Armor Effect tag for each Map:

Forgeworld - 10119, Sword Base - 7963, PowerHouse - 8690, Board walk - 8349, Reflection - 7440, Countdown - 7519, Boneyard - 9491, Zealot - 6911, Spire - 9305

  1. Then you should see 2 sets of numbers… copy the top number in the top box and keep it on a notpad you will need it later. (Armor effect 0 is Normal Flames and aromor effect 1 is Blue Flames)!

  2. Once you have done that go to the drop down bar and go to armor effect 1.

  3. In aromor effect 1 copy the top number from the top box and paste it into the top number box in armor effect 0.

  4. Then go copy your origonal number from the notpad (from the origonal top box in armor effect 0) and paste it in the top box in armor effect 1.

  5. Save and now you can put on Blue Flames when you equip you Normal Flames!

  6. Check everything, and have fun!!!

This was not found by me it was found by Billvonkova
YouTube.com - billvonkova’s Channel

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wow bad post

Wow this is pointless you cant even go online and show it off you will just get banned and have to buy a new kv.

kind of useless, but still cool.

There Goes My KV… But On The Other Hand He Still Puts It Out There So Thanks.
Btw Don’t Ask For Thanks.

Modding should be kept offline. >.>

make a vid