Halo Reach Commendation Boosting Methods

I would just like to start a thread of all known ways to boost your commendations so feel free to add any i miss! :thumbsup:

YouTube - Support Role (assists) Commendation Boosting - Halo Reach
(Support Role or Assists)
(done basically the same way as nice arm boost but with two people)

YouTube - Halo Reach - Elite/Sniper Campaign Boost
(Precisely, Pinpoint, Leader Element)
(using nightfall again make sure you watch the whole video to see that he gets the checkpoint)

YouTube - Nice Arm (grenade kill) Commendation Boosting - Halo Reach
(Nice Arm)

YouTube - HALO REACH: Nice Arm Commendation Boosting Method… Easy Credits!!!
(Another version of Nice Arm)

YouTube - Halo Reach: Flawless Cowboy Boosting (Easy credits)
(Flawless Cowboy)

YouTube - Halo Reach NEW CREDIT FARM! 10000 CREDITS in 5 MIN
(War Machine, Walking Tank, Right of Way)

And you can always play a bunch of gruntpocalypse to get some good commendations, when you do this i recommend always playing on corvette and camping on the platform to the right of the first door you exit. Enjoy :thumbsup:

Haven’t seen many of these methods!

glad i could help!

Nice most. I used all these methods already lol :smiley:

Thank you I DID NOT feel like getting that assist ****.

I did, didnt take too long.