Halo: Reach Commendation Modder

I am go to assume that Horizon is written in C#. In that case, I think a Halo: Reach Commendation Modding tool should be added. I have already put in about 2 hours worth of work coding so far, and it’s turning out pretty well. I can send the source and you can tell me what you think. I would like credit in the program if it used at least. Thanks! :smile: BTW, this is for modding commendations from all 3 gametypes (Campaign, Firefight, and Matchmaking).

True, Horizon is coded in C#. I would contact cheater912 via a PM in order to discuss this.

Alright, thanks for the heads-up.

LEE Its Me Jeff.

On topic: This would be a great idea since its kinda basic right now :confused:

I do like this idea a lot man, i hope it happens!

I doubt there will ever be a way to mod commendations online for a long time.

I hope there is a credit editor and also this great idea!

Credit Editor:

Offline? Sure.
Online? Don’t get your hopes up.

You can’t bring credits that were modded offline back onto multiplayer. The second they connect they’ll revert back to whatever you had previously.

I don’t imagine there being a way to mod your online credits on a retail console anytime soon (if ever). [As much as I would love to be proven wrong here. :smiley:]

it would be a nice addition to the reach modder.

This is gonna be awesome!

well i like this idea but i doubt it would be possible only because bungie would catch on with all of us unlocking this **** just like that and a large amount of us do it.

I like the idea, and I agree with Dr0pShotz… We will are certainly get smashed in the face by the Ban Hammer…

One can only hope this is possible.

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while they’re at it, add a Armory Completion editor and a currently equipped armor editor. :thumbsup:

That would be another good idea… but, like any Halo Reach mods that you take online there is a high possibility of getting banned. So technically there is no point in that because you can simply mod your profile with a modded GPD.

I agree with snoods :thumbsup:

In the Face? As I remember they stick it way up your Ass.

Thanks for the spam!!! i was hungry :stuck_out_tongue:
And have you even got this to work ?
I probably read wrong but you sounded pretty determined that it works :laughing: