Halo Reach Credit Farming (100K CR in 30min)


Halo Reach Credit Farming





3.Works Well With Others

4.No Excuses On “I Have To Go”

5.Have Fun :smile:[/u][/size]

First, Guest Well Kill Us Once

Second, We Kill The Guest :smile:


1.No Betraying: Well Get You Booted.

2.No Trash Talking.

3.Take This Serious Or Leave, But Also Have Fun :smile:

If You Are Interested Comment Below Or Pm Me

[details=Open Me]Gamer Tag: aGrenadee
How Many Hours 1+: 3
Mic:Yes or No[/details]

Noice. I’ll be sure to try it if Reach ever becomes not gay.

hay invite me im interested HOX x Typh00n

Why not make custom challenges and get 25K every 5 minutes?

I well be doing thing later today so if your interested, comment below or PM me.

Need One More Player.



If it happens again im interested.

Credit farming?? I think you mean Grifball boosting. :wink:
FYIcustom challenges are a lot easier & worth more credits.

Gamer Tag: DatedAlexbern
How Many Hours: 2 (later today ;D)

This isn’t credit farming this is boosting… you get banned for Grifball boosting.

No you don’t.

Not if you know how to boost! :smiley:

Grifball? In halo reach?!

It’s been a Lonnnngggg time since i’ve played reach, thank’s for method!

I dont get much cR when doing this

Wow worked great

Looking to do some commendations in MM like Grifball: my gamertag: Adrian288

pmed u