Halo Reach Credit mod Online

Due to Bungie being focused on Destiny, is it considered safe by the modding community to mod in over 1000 credits when connected to xbox live?

Also, can I unlock the Haunted helmet online with the modding tool without being noticed, when I am only a General?

The 1000 a day for credits isn’t a safety issue it’s just what Bungie set as the amount of offline credits that could be transfered online. If you add more than that it’ll tell you to forfeit the additional credits. As for the haunted helmet, the armor unlocker currently only works offline.

It doesn’t matter because if you mod more than 1000 it wont stick. It will give an error saying you have to many offline credits and make you get rid of them.

No, It’s not Bungie or Microsoft looking at the game. Each player has a limit of credits they can obtain when not playing a match type. I think it remains at 1000, add any higher while connected, and you won’t be able to earn anyone credits for about a day or two. The worst that can happen is level reset. It’s just the way how the servers were designed. Not sure if too much has changed.

1,000 credits is the daily amount I believe, so no.

As for your second question, considering you have have to buy all of the base helmets first, no, but if you unlocked all the base helmets with the editor, then yes.

Although, I couldn’t say for sure if you’d get noticed or not, you’ve got a 50 - 50 chance really.

Well, I guess I’ll just take a chance with the haunted helmet.

What if I use the ‘unlock all’ feature on the editor?

Will i get banned then?

It totally depends on the moderators if they spot you or not.

But more than likely, yes. probably about a %90 chance you will.

What would be the punishment if I was found out?

More than likely a ban from the game for the modified profile, or a console ban from any profile playing online.

On top of that there could also be a profile suspension from Xbox LIVE (temp or perm)
It really depends, if you modify your profile in anyway your breaking the Xbox LIVE terms so if they spot you, it could be any.

Take a read of this below.
Horizon and your Xbox LIVE account

the editor only gives you the preorder amours online you will not get banned for that