Halo Reach Credit Mod

I try adding 1000 credits, save, and transfer back to HDD, and everything loads up. The only problem is no change to my credits is there. :confused:

Yes they are. Check on b.net

no it still doesnt work :anguished:

1000 cR by day…

Try this:

After you add your credits, sign in to your profile but don’t connect to live. Wait until you receive the credits, then connect and see if they stayed.

And like 2FacedDevil said, no more than 1000 cR per day!

hi i recently upgraded to diamond and tried to do the credit mod, i extract my profile to desktop, open it in reach credit editor and it says ive got none, then i try and add something and click add creddits it still doesnt work :cry: please can some one help

it doesn’t show you how many credits you have. You just have to type in the amount of cR you want and click add. Then Save. Put it back into your HDD or usb and go onto reach while signed off of xbox live

why is it only 1000 per day ?

Because of Bungie :smiley:

Ok so i did everything right, but hen i sign back online, it takes away the modded credits?

my advice is just to mod a reach gamesave on ONI: Swordbase and do the target locator boost method. i have gotten 20, 000 cR just from doing this method:D

2FacedDevil stole my avatar…

Try to recover your profile.

nice post

Lol i was about to buy dimond nvm thanks for posting but am still a big fan guys i love u guyz

hepl when i try to mod my credits it say that i have to play the game before modiing it and i allrady played the game hepl please

How do i do this? Sorry kinda new to the Credit Modding thing first time doing it, in other words a Noobie/Begginer/Firstimer. And if there is a Tut for this can you please tell me the link, Thank you.

Hi im a bit confused you say and i know already that you can only put 1000cR a day online but here the confusing bit you also say you can put up to 20.000cR offline. does that mean if i add 20.000cR don’t go online for a day then go on the next day i’ll be able to keep it ??? because offline you can put any number you want really 2.000.000 if you like could some1 please clear this up for me if looked at loads of threads but can’t find an answer.

1000? thats all? wow.

Bungie devs found out about this right before release of Reach.