Halo Reach Grifball Boosting

Increase your K/D, 5000-9000 cr a game, get commendations, challenges. If your intrested, post here. I’ll get ahold of you. Leave your gamertag.

Must have 2nd controller

Let me know if you know anything about the bungie API Key and how to add it to a website

My GT: UberReady

i dont see how we will get 8 people and find em but mk,

Msg me when you have found more

If you can get enough, I’m in.

Gamertag: Rorschach


I’m interested

Gamer tag- ToiletDe5troyer

I never have a sortage of people unless it’s like 5am, almost done with this blunt and I’ll hit ya up, Keep posting GT’s and I’ll msg ya

Blunt’s bout halfway, we only need four actual people, they all need 2nd controller’s tho. I’ll be on in a few more min’s. If your looking to boost and have a 2nd controller, post your gamertag’s, and await a message

Invite me, my gt: Fullerton

Filled up, let me know if anyone eles want’s a spot

if u need some one plus i got like 8 controllers and 2 xbox’s im just hit me up with a pm or visitor message man

gt: greg1007

Invite me if someone leaves.
Gamertag: Vqox

msg me when thers a spot

Added, anyone eles intrested in griffball boosting, let me know. Post your Gamertag:thumbsup:

GT: Fullerton

Invite Orang3sk1ttles I have 2 controllers.

if ur doin it 2moro, ill do it

same here or later on

Yup just post up your GT’s and i’ll hit ya up


Just post GT’s I got ya