Halo Reach! I Need 91824127487's of cr and all armour!

I need all armor!! I need all armor for a cool Halo Reach movie thing!! But the current one, when i go online it just dissapers and its back to normal!!! I NEED this or at least a CR editor for the current on you can only get 1000 at a time!!! And it takes FOREVER to get a load!! PLZ I NEED THIS

I also need a Happy Wars editor that does not require a JTAG or RGH

Wow, a wannabe YouTuber wanting the impossible. There’s a 1000cr limit for a reason. And about happywars, it’s either bad or the “save” is stored server-side.

Firstly, I am a YouTuber, secondly i didn’t know this was impossible, thirdly i have no idea what you are talking about with happy wars and fourth, a life hack, don’t diss people for making mistakes! :frowning:

And also, im getting a ton of recording stuff (2 blue snowballs, 2 pop filters, an elgato and a headset) in a weeks time

okay, I don’t wanna mess with someone who will own two snowballs and poop filter in a near future.

But seriously, it’s nothing personal, I know nothing about you except what you wrote here. Just do some research in the future or ask politely instead of shouting “I’M A BIG YOUTUBER AND I DEMAND ANSWERS”

Also, I don’t give a ■■■■ about the things you “might” own.

Sorry if my post made you upset. I might be overreacting.

Either you can add 1,000 cR with the editor, or you can add 1,000 cR for every day since you’ve last played the game. So if you haven’t played Reach in 365 days, you could add 365,000 cR and it would stick. No way around these methods.

If I could give you a tip for earning fast cR, play Grifball and spawn kill people. You’ll need a 4 man team, have one guy just hold the bomb the entire match and the other three players stand on top of the enemy spawn and spam hammer swings. Score 2 rounds to ensure that even if the enemy team gets a hold of the bomb and scores, you can easily score the 3rd and final round for the win bonus. For each 12min game you can make around 30,000cR. This is by far the most profitable way to quickly earn cR.

These are two of my accounts leveled up exclusively with Grifball. I didn’t spawn kill each and every game, and I still earned more cR in this mode than I would have any where else on the game - firefight included.

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