Halo Reach Nameplate and Eternal flames editor request

If feature request are still being accepted i would like to ask for a tool that let us change our nameplates and unlock the eternal flaming armor effect on Halo Reach for 360. Since the technology and ability to do so has been lost many years ago, this will be the only way to unlock those cosmetic features.

It has been stated before that those are impossible to make but i couldn’t get why and i still hold out hope on you.

Regardless, i am sure this will be a welcome feature to horizon, cherised by many others apart from me.

Thank you very much.

Hi thanks for joining the forum
Unfortunately horizon is no longer being worked on. Most of the devs moved on to making trainers for PC which is wemod now

Well that’s a bummer. If they are willing to update Horizon sometime in the future, please try to add this feature. I think there is no better time to mod Xbox 360 than now that it has been long forgotten by Microsoft.

I’ll keep my faith on you guys.

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