Halo Reach Save game editor - Pillar of Autumn

Many of us are having difficulties modding the ‘Pillar of Autumn’ level on reach.
I’ve started the level on legendary, saved and quit, modded etc.

However, upon loading the game, it is apparent that none of the edited values have changed.
Everything seems to be working on all of the other levels.

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you need to get to a checkpoint first & then save & exit, then you can go ahead & mod your save & resume from the checkpoint.

hope this help’s

I presumed the checkpoint at the start of the mission was fine to use :S

Others in V.I.P chat are reporting that the modded save is freezing their xbox’s on loading.

I noticed that sometimes the pillar of autumn didn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s just STFS or something in the actual save, but we’re working on it!

If it helps, I just modded a fresh save and it came up with the following:

I think I have an idea of the problem, and it can cause either freezing on loading the save, restarting from the beginning of the mission, or just giving you an error. We’ll try and get a fix for it asap.

i wish it would work

Yeh i got the same problem aswell.

Im getting freezing on rally point bravo after you get lynched by an elite.

In next update, it could be awesome if u could fix/add thease things:

  • Pilar of autunum to work
  • Vehicles to undestroable

After those, i can finish the game on Legendary!! Thanks!

Working on those 2 things right now. In the mean time if anyone has any pillar of autumn saves they want modded, just upload them here (make sure they have NOT been modded in horizon) and I’ll send them back to you modded.

Heres mine:


maybe u can help me, i mod my save but i cant get the max shields/health to work. When i press max on everything else the "+"symbol turns green, but when i try to hit max shields it does nothing and in game everything works except me being invincible… What am I doing wrong?

Here is my save :smile:


Just click it once, it should turn yellow (the whole bar)

This is my save its on Pillar Of Autumn and it hasn’t been modded. Thanks Gabe!


i used my own server so you dont need to wait to get download link :smile:))

ya i get the same thing when i tryed it on lone wolf it says i cant resume my campaign

It doesn’t work with Lone Wolf.

If it did then there would be no end to the mission.

My game freezes on the first level at rally point bravo