Halo: Reach Star Nameplate / Blue Flame given out!

All you have to do is get Bungies app on the Apple store on Bungie.net, go to the section with “Love Bungie”, and type in up to 7 gamertags. Only your gamertag will get the Blue Flame + Bungie nameplate, but everyone elses gamertag will get the VIP star, hit “Unlock Flames” and boom.

This gave me some incentive to make a new acct to play Reach on.

Bungie Mobile

-By using Bungie.net, you do not get the Star nameplate.
-To work around this, get your friend to gift you the nameplate OR play BTB All-Stars.

-Updated with Bungie.net information by Rhyme on 6/29/11[/size]

What’d the app called?

Edit: Wait I may of found it.

I don’t believe they are really doing this. But I will check it out.

Simply “Bungie Mobile.”

App name?

I haz an Android…

Anyone want to do this for me? iphones broke :anguished:.
Gamertag: K ink

I’m doing it right now… I promise I won’t type in any of your gamertags.

:frowning: app is taking forever with 5bars and wifi connected all with verizon services lol

Bungie.net : 7 Reasons to Celebrate : 6/13/2011 5:56 PM PDT

Done. You should now have the All-Star Nameplate. :smile:

Can anyone do this for me, I haz a Android :anguished:

Sweet! Thanks Man! They actually say it on the description :smiley:

It works saw it on youtube and actually went on reach to try it and freak kids out lol :laughing:

Anybody mind doing this for me my iphone isnt turning on hasnt been for a few months?

My friend did this for me, you can just get your friend to login to your account :stuck_out_tongue: .
pops up saying you got new items in the armory to purchase.

So my friend can just login on his iphone and do this for me?

Could someone do this for me please, my iPod boots into a yellow screen today for some reason :/.
Gamertag: Conner Flippo

Done :wink: < 3

That yellow screen must mean that you have ios 4+ and jb with redsnow. And finally, your ipod is dead. Charge it and the yellow screen will go away.