Halo Reach Ultra White Armor Help!?!?!?!

I saw someone online with the ultra white armor color, which I know is a mod. I looked it up and I completely understand how to do it. Other than i have no idea how to hex edit my gpd. I was wondering if anyone could give me the extremely dumbed down version of how to hex edit my halo reach gpd armor color. Help appreciated!!! :thumbsup:

Someone reported getting permaban from this soooooo USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

[How to] Mod Reach Emblem and Armor Colors! - Se7enSins Forums

Explains everything.

I’m going to try and change mine to Ultra white later. I’ll try and make a tut.

O.O I never knew that was possible but it will probably ban you knowing bungie.

yeah, lol i read that thread and got to where the mapping of the service tag is and everything, then i get lost because the colors in the hex editor are 1F(ultra white) so i cant find the exact placement of my color ids.:expressionless:

To do it you will need Diamond to use the Reach tool to resign your profile.

Reach has ultra white also? I can only find mods on Youtube ffor ultra white on h3…

Posted a link to a detailed tut.

Ultra white on H3 looked cool as hell :sunglasses: anyways OP you will get perma banned for this BTW.

No you won’t. I’ve been using ultra white ever since it came out and I’m still not banned. It’s only a color.

Ok proof it.

Multiple people have been banned for this according to the se7ensin’s thread and i believe it bungie hates modders even if it’s just a color.

They were banned because of the nameplate “Bungie”, not because of the color. But now that you can have bungie as your nameplate I doubt it matters anymore.

i was permabanned due to the Bungie service tag. I’m too scared to even try the ultrawhite mod.