Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets another matchmaking patch

[/img]343 Industries has issued another matchmaking patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Two hours ago a post was made on the Halo: Waypoint site detailing what all was put into the update. Seeing as this patch was released on a Sunday, it seems like 343 is working hard to resolve issues. Let’s just hope the is the last of the matchmaking patches.

Source: TheTechGame.com

As posted on the Halo: Waypoint site:

“This particular content update focuses on matchmaking, parties, custom games, achievements, stability, and more. While this update contains a variety of improvements, we continue to work on additional content updates that will be rolled out to address further issues.”

Patch Notes:


  • Made improvements to matchmaking team balance
  • Made an update to improve matchmaking search times and success rates, specifically expediting the “Players Found” and “Connecting Session” search phases
  • Made improvements to prevent a player’s rank from resetting unexpectedly
  • Made an update to resolve an issue that allowed players to be placed into an incorrect lobby after a matchmaking game
  • Made improvements to prevent the party from being disbanded upon returning to lobby
  • Made an update to ensure that players are sorted by team in the “Match Found” screen
  • Resolved an issue where Team Slayer matches in Halo 3 could separate players onto individual teams
  • Resolved an issue where players could be placed into a group of 7 players and unable to find more
  • Made improvements to ensure that the party-leader is prompted to “Bring Party” when leaving a lobby
  • Made an update to ensure that split-screen players cannot be divided onto different teams
  • Made improvements to ensure that clients are not kicked from parties at the end of matchmaking games with a “failed to connect” error
  • Made an update to ensure that Halo 2: Anniversary matches do not continue indefinitely after entire opposing team quits
  • Made an update to ensure that parties are not separated when the party leader navigates through multiple titles


  • Made improvements to prevent manual team selection from getting reset after a Custom Game match
  • Made an update to ensure that the “Make Party Leader” command functions correctly


  • Made an update to ensure that the “Too Close to the Sun” achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met
  • Made an update to ensure that the “Monopolized” achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met
  • Made an update to ensure that the “Devastating” achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met
  • Made an update to ensure that the “You’re Joking” achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met


  • Made improvements to Halo 2: Anniversary objective pickup, specifically in regards to objective “juggling”
  • Made an update to Halo 3’s movement input, specifically to resolve a deadzone issue which affected moving in a straight line
  • Made additional improvements to Halo: CE fall damage scenarios
  • Made an update to resolve a Halo 2 Classic campaign issue where a black screen could overlay the gameplay screen


  • Made a variety of stability improvements across the following areas:
    Custom Games
    Halo 4 Campaign


  • Made an update to ensure that clan tags appear in the post-game carnage report for all players
  • Made an update to ensure that players are sorted by team in the post-game carnage report
  • Made an update to ensure that emblems are displayed correctly in the post-game carnage report[/details]

Bull****. How is this one different than the other 5 that did nothing? Or the title update?
God damn I’m mad at them. What a ****ing joke of a video game company. I want my money back because they sure don’t deserve a cent of it.

literally exactly how i feel. they can refund my money on the xbox also, i would of bought a ps4 if i was so excited for this game.

0_0 Damn! This game was literally undone! I’m glad I bought an expansion pass over this. I want my money back as well and I didn’t even buy it.

Starting to think I paid $60 for a Halo 5 beta

You guys can always go to the halo waypoint forums and complain there about so that way the devs can see the problems you are having and they can work on a fix for the game in general. As for me, I was one of the lucky ones not to have problems at launch, but I did experience some of the games bugs following recent updates to halo.

343 Is a complete disgrace.

They are not a disgrace bro despite what you may think. This is their second remake of a game while halo 4 was their first real halo game. While the multiplayer did have its drawbacks, the campaign was beyond compare. Just the graphics alone made it feel like it actually deserved to be on next gen consoles, which it is now and it looks great. The storyline was good to as it expanded upon the relationship between john 117 and cortana.

The real issue I have with the MCC and 343’s release of it is that they legitimately released a broken game. This was beyond just multiplayer, and it wasn’t server stress. There were many many things that just plain didn’t work on launch, which is what pisses me of. Aside from anger, I’m just confused because the problems in the game should have been noticed right away if they had even an hour of internal testing before release. Which I know they had to do because who wouldn’t test their game before they sell it? They even had the pros playing the game early and I don’t think they actually fixed anything during that testing period either.
Let me provide just one example. Multiplayer stats. Where it shows headshots, kill/death, etc. (I haven’t checked if they fixed it yet) literally didn’t pull correct numbers for at least half of the statistics it listed. I mean, that’s just incorrect coding. Did they just create this multiplayer stats feature and, without checking their work, hope that it records everything flawlessly?
I don’t know, we all have our opinions but to me it seems like they didn’t have the resources and released an unfinished game to make a deadline.

M$ holiday quotas br0

Plenty of problems with campaign too. I’m near the end of a co op legendary play through of halo 2, having already completed halo 1 and I swear it must be around half of the missions I’ve had to replay due to errors at some point in the mission, usually right at the end.

It isn’t even a single problem either, I’ve had:

  • Closes halo down randomly
  • Closes halo down on cutscenes
  • Randomly disconnecting from missions
  • Missions just not saving after being completed
  • Controller issues where the game just doesn’t recognize input, although this one was apparently an Xbox issue and not the game
  • One mission even went out of sync between me and my co op partner, meaning we were seeing different things

and many many more

This is extremely frustrating because it can take hours to do some missions, only to have something go wrong near the end meaning we have to play through the entire game again. It just feels like they’ve released a broken game, which is a shame because it’s one of my favorite series.

Yeah I agree with you there. Almost beat halo 3 and had to restart most missions. Like wtf. Its annoying I can’t even play campaign without having to beat all the missions over again at least twice.

I know we all have our own opinions and what not, but 343 is a microsoft owned game developer, so to say that they didnt have the resources necessary to finish the game is highly unlikely. You also have to realize this, when they were letting the pro players play halo, they were doing multiplayer matches using a LAN. Also there were a handful of people, of about 1500 or so, who got the game early and at least 95% of the people had no problems playing the campaign, while the other 5% were sitting there waiting for the multiplayer servers to come online or were doing custom games.

As for problems in game multiplayer or campaign, I myself have not had any issues with the game itself. I noticed a lot majority of people, 80% to be almost exact, had problems trying to play the multiplayer, and this was almost 3 hours after it launched worldwide. But you are right, everyone has their own opinions. I honestly feel sorry for you guys, because you shouldnt have to go through this while other people get to enjoy the game with no problems.


Since mods like to delete my post.
The game was released completely unfinished. They had dedicated servers day 1 and due to them being complete **** they had to disable them (not to mention they never thought that part through) and revert back to using a player as host. Host could kick people from a ranked game. You’re a casual, you probably don’t play the game often or never played the other halos very often.

I have played every halo ever released (minus halo wars as I was not a RTS type of person). But I have been very competitive in every halo game. I even went to a halo 2 tournament back when I was still in high school. Came in second place with my clan. When halo 4 released I was one of the first people to reach SR 130 within the first month. That shows how dedicated I am to halo. Now as for you saying I am a casual and saying I dont probably play halo often, you might as well retract that part of your statement. I am a very busy person, and when I have free time, which is usually at night and on the weekends when I am not taking care of my niece or studying, I am playing a variety of games but almost all the time I am playing halo. So sorry to burst your bubble broski.

Welp glad i gave up halo a looooong time age afer hearinv how broken theis trash is i am now gonna wipe my ass with it now