Halo: The Master Chief Collection | Halo 3 Campaign while recording for YouTube!

As some of you may know or not know, I have started up my own YouTube channel. The most recent content on there is the Halo 3 Campaign. I want to finish this series off before moving forward to other games but I can’t. The reason being is because I started the videos and campaign in a cooperative session and if I start a new on my own, I will have to start a whole new game which I don’t want to do. So I’m looking for another co-op partner to finish the series with as my former one has other engagements now which take priority.

I’m no “Pro” and I don’t ever plan to be! I simply do this for fun. If you are interested then please post below and/or send me a private message with your GamerTag.

I’m looking to continue from mission 5 or 6.

Bump bump bump

I can help you tomorrow if you want.

Sure! Send me your GT and I can add you.


You still online man? I may join you soon if you’re up for playing.

Well I’m not playing anything at this time but send me your GT and I can add you