Halo: The Master Chief Collection has 402 achievements

[/img]Halo: The Master Chief Collection offers 4,000 achievement points spread over 402 goals.

Because Halo: The Master Chief Collection includes four games, it offers four full sets of achievements as well as a bonus fifth collection for the package as a whole.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary offers 92 achievements, some of which you will have seen in the Xbox 360 release. The complete set will grant you 855 points.

There are 111 achievements in Halo 2: Anniversary worth a total of 1,005 points, and while some of them are found in Halo 2 Vista, most of them are brand new.

Halo 3?s 76 achievements are worth 695 points and include a mix of old and new goals.

Halo 4 has 51 achievements, the smallest number offered by an individual title, and offers 570 points. You’ll recognise a lot of them from Halo 4 on Xbox 360.

Finally, there are 72 achievements for the bundle as a whole, worth 875 points. Some of them are pretty easy, like killing 100 enemies in total across all the games, but some, like completing all four campaigns on legendary difficulty, may be a stretch for beginners.

Source: TheTechGame.com

I think the news bot got it all wrong, cause on IGN, it says that there are 400 achievements.

After reading the achievements and what majority require, they don’t seem that difficult…majority just involve playing the games Campaign and Multiplayer for a set number of numerical values. (ex: Play “X” amount of the Missions/Multiplayer Matches.)

…shall be interesting to see how achieves 4K/4K gamerscore when the game releases!

Challenge accepted.