Halo: The Master Chief Collection requires a 20GB update

[/img]The enormous 20GB day-one download players will have to install for Halo: The Master Chief Collection “is not a patch”, director Frank O’Connor has explained. “It’s content”.

O’Connor addressed the matter in a post on the NeoGAF forum over the weekend, following a minor upheaval over confirmation that the Xbox One Halo compilation will ship with a huge 20GB day-one install.

As O’Connor explains, the download is not an inexplicatly large title update, but actual main game content pushed out digitally to avoid having to ship the physical game on two discs.

“That’s not a patch. It’s content,” posted O’Connor under his known NeoGAF alias, ‘Stinkles’. “The game is designed to run as a single, unified product, digital is seamless obviously, but we also wanted disc users to have the same experience, without swapping discs. Since the bulk of it is [multiplayer] or MP related, the logic is sound. There will ALSO be a [Title Update] in there, but that in itself is a tiny fraction of the content,” he added.

“We realize that this isn’t ideal for everyone, but it’s the path to the smoothest eventual experience.”

Xbox One games ship on dual-layer Blu-ray discs which have a capacity of around 50GBs. Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains four full Halo games including thier campaigns and multiplayer modes, update visuals Halo 1 and 2, and a large selection of bonus content, so it comes as no surprise that the complete package couldn’t fit onto a single disc.

Earlier today Microsoft released a new trailer for Halo: Nightfall, the live-action series that comes as part of the The Master Chief Collection. Episodes of Halo: Nightfall will be released on a weekly basis commencing from the game’s November 11 launch.

Source: TheTechGame.com

I am pretty sure the majority of the community wouldn’t mind swapping discs rather than downloading a 20 GB update. Especially those with slower connections.

so a duel layer 50 gig disc, which has compressed files on it and say by 50% so that would be roughly 75gig uncompressed.
now the 20 gig will be compressed and when uncompressed it becomes 30-35gig.

so this means the game will be at MOST 110gig … sorry but no f*****g way, even the 360 games didn’t take up that much space with all the crap, and that 20gig is the actual game, but what about the people who have a cap, what about the people who have a so called 8 meg connection when its in fact 4meg, 20 gig will take DAYS to download.

Installing a 30 something GB game from the disc can already take an hour. Imagine having to download it on a slow[er] connection. If you buy the game in any format on launch, it may be a day or two before you can actually play it – unless they’ve been cool and included a full game on the disc to start playing while the rest downloads…

Hopfully Gamestop will let me get the digital code in advance so I can pre-download this a few days before release. They did this with Destiny so it will probably be the same.

Looking forward to this so much! I can’t wait to play all the campaigns from start to finish. And all those achievements…

Wow. Add that to the fact that we HAVE to install every Xbox One game (for no reason at all now that you have to put the disc in and DRM has changed) and there’s no way in hell I’m going to be able to play all my games without uninstalling and reinstalling constantly. Jesus. And no, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna go buy an external storage device. Shouldn’t have to. MS should just make it so we don’t have to install games anymore, there’s literally no reason to.

The Xbox One is equipped with a 500-gigabyte mem :stuck_out_tongue: 20gbs to waste smh !!!

Ahhh I’ve already used just over 50% of my hard drive space on practically nothing D:
20gb is crazy, although I suppose it is a lot of content.

Yeah my uni has a daily download limit of 12GB. I’m screwed.

Half of my HD is taken already and I have 3 games, wtf.

What games do you have Hemps?

I read somewhere you can still play while the 20gb is downloading, let me see if i can find that.

Yeah, I posted that in several posts already.

There is no way… what is that memory even for… thats outrageous…

The 20 GB download is for multiplayer related content.