Halo: The Master Chief Collection

It may be surprising but I actually own an Xbox again and resubscribed to Gold. Pretty much just so I could play Halo 2 multiplayer again.
Most of my friends aren’t playing it so I need some people to play with. Preferably those who know how to play Halo, but I won’t hate you if you’re bad. At least not for very long. :^) I haven’t played in years so I need to get used to it again.

Feel free to send me a friend request but please post your Gamertag here because I don’t accept random friend requests.
My GT is Professor Oak

On a side note, I will not be using in-game voice chat and I actually have all voice chat muted. This is because I sit at my computer to play so I can talk to friends on Teamspeak.

I might pick it up tomorrow, if I do I’ll message you to play. I think you have my new account added but if not I’ll just send you a request.

add me ill be playing multiplayer as soon as the servers get fixed ahaha HOX x Typh00n

You can admit you just don’t want people to hear your girly voice.

I still haven’t decided if I want to get this, I loved Halo 2 so much but none of the others.

You need to get it UZI its awsome im loving Halo 2 remastered just wish multiplayer wasnt broken atm.

Halo CE? Halo 3?

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted videos here of myself talking. So we all know about my girly voice, it’s fine.

Tomorrow is my day off so hopefully matchmaking will be working. I’ll be on all day, probably just playing SWAT or Halo 2 Classic modes

Man, Halo…I really hope you’re enjoying it Travis!

I myself played the game for a few days over at a friends house, we started with the Campaigns since everyone was reporting issues with Multiplayer, and all I have to say is I can’t seem to remove the smile from my face; the game is just an amazing trip down memory lane! If anyone on here is a Halo fan and questioning the game, ask no more…get the game!

Both my friend and I are shocked at how much we’ve remembered from the Campaigns! (ex: Skulls, Terminals, hidden weapons, etc.)