Halo Wars and Modding Rank

I have recently tried to modify my Halo Wars Rank but to no success. All it seems to do it reset the amount of experience that is needed to reach the nest rank level. It does NOT reset you total rank but the amount of experience needed. Does anyone know if there is any other way to modify ones Halo Wars online rank level? Here are the way i have tried and that did not work:

YouTube - How to mod your Halo Wars Rank to General
YouTube - How to mod your halo wars rank
YouTube - How To Mod Halo Wars Rank!!

There are some other tutorials. But most (if not all) of these tutorials work all the same way. If this method does work can you please explain to me why it does not work for me and does you someone else? And also…will a Halo Wars online rank modifier ever be released for and with Horizon?

Thanks for any help given

Flam1ng Dem0n

You may need to delete updates from your xbox. Go to System Settings > Memory > Your storage device > Clear system cache. This may help.

In inject the .GPD Clear your Cache Stay Offline load up halo wars Offline make a match with a bot play the game for 10min then back out and you will be ranked up now go online.

So that’s why it wasn’t working for me ether!

That’s exactly what the tutorials i posted said to do. Clear your Xbox 360 cache, inject the .GPD file and then load up the game. They also said to create a match with a AI bot online…and not offline. I will try it again, but this time i will make a match but Offline. Thanks i will let you all know how it goes.

That is why you have to stay offline. Then when you are done vs the bot you go online.

Ok…THIS is redictulas…I have tried every possible way to get the Halo War general rank and NOTHING works. I have followed the same steps every time i try to get this mod to work. Yet nothing seems to do the trick. So this MUST mean that they have officially patched this mod. So if anyone if reading this thread post…Don’t bother about trying to get the mod to work. Because it does not work anymore, and unless someone can post a video and prove me wrong then i will be standing by my only answer. And that is they have patched this mod. Though i wish they had not patched it. Also…let me know if someone has found a way around the patch that Ensemble Studios have made.


What He Said

You may have a GPD that doesn’t work, follow this.

First, download this.

Then follow these steps:

  • Clear your xbox cache
  • Open up Horizon
  • Open up your profile in Horizon
  • Click on the “Contents” tab and look for “4D530808.gpd”
  • Replace your current one with the downloaded one.
  • Rehash, resign and save to device.
  • Unplug your ethernet/wireless cable and start up Halo Wars
  • Start a skirmish match OFFLINE while any amount of bots, once in the game you can just resign.
  • Connect to XboxLive and auto-update your console.
  • Congratulations! You are now a general online, play one online game for the rank to stick!

Hope this helped.

Ok…i guess people dont read anymore…Like i said before…I have done everything right and nothing seems to work. I have versed a bot and then logged on to Xbox Live and updated AFTER versing the bot. And it…does not work.

Anyone else got any ideas that have not been already stated?

Dude?..I have NO idea what the difference between all the other “4D530808.gpd” and yours is but…it FINALLY WORKED! Thanks man! I don’t know what the difference is but i am not a General in Halo Wars. Thank again man!

You just had a faulty GPD, I’m glad I could help you out.

Enjoy your general!

WAIT!..It only worked half way. I have the rank. But the achievement did not show up. Whats going on? What do i need to do fix that?

So…Now…I am basically screwed because i cant get the achievement and that means my completion for the games achievements is…also screwed. Wonderful…ya

Ok…let me be more…specific. The Achievement does show up but it was not counted in my gamerscore. Under the Halo War achievement list its says “57/58” but it shows the achievement being there. and it even shows the picture too. It also have registered under Halo Waypoint…but still not under my gamerscore. Any ideas?

Have you tried playing another game online after you were finally able to get a working gpd?

He needs to delete only he’s profile of his Xbox console and then recover his account, it should fix the problem.

But if he hasn’t actually played an online match after getting to general using gpds then that is why he wouldn’t have earned the achievement. If he hasn’t all he has to do is play a game online against other people.

He should of already did that since I said that in the tutorial I posted.

this works ive done it 3 times you are doing something wrong

Indeed you did, well played. You did say it at the end so maybe he missed it.

Ok…By deleting my profile and then recovering it while also then playing a single Xbox Live match that seems to have done the trick. Thanks everyone for the help!

Flaming Demon