Halo Wars General Rank (Works Online) **TUTORIAL**

[b]Tutorial (PC Part):

  1. Download This Patch MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
  2. Open Modio Resigner and open your xbl profie (from HDD)
  3. Click “File Conents” -Tab
  4. Find 4D530808.gpd and Replace it with downloaded save (Right Click to Replace)
  5. Rehash & Resign
  6. Move your profile back to your HDD[/b]

[b]Tutorial (Xbox 360 Part):

  1. Clear your “System cache”
  2. Open Halo Wars (it will ask you to update, DONT update)
  3. Play an offline skirmish for a couple of seconds then Resign. (Quit)
  4. Connect to Xbox Live and You are General![/b]

[b]How to Clear System Cache:

Settings - Memory - Highlight your Hardrive - Click Y - Then select “Clear system cache”[/b]

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Nice find, ill try it xD

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Thanks ill do this tomorrow :smile:

never really got in that game. halo shouldnt be like that.

I have seen this before, don’t have the game but it is defiantly useful

gotta try this
legitti rocks!

Thanks for everyone of you!

i thought this would be for halo reach =(

Dude I love you <3 Will try this asap

Nice and great TuT

Ya me to xD But Halo Wars is awesome to :thumbsup:

Halo Wars sucks(<–My opinion)

So? This has nothing to do with actual Thread

where’s the lieutenant one?


I wonder if this could help find a way to take modded gpd’s online.

Can’t download the gpd, asks me for user and password…
Can this be done with a Memory Unit?

Yeah. You can do this with MU as long as ur able to acsess to ur profile.

I reupload the GPD in a bit

yea, The Patch Link asks for password on your ftp.