Happy Halloween! Come in Costume & Get Treats!

Happy Halloween everyone! Post a pic of yourself in costume, or just Google one up that you like and share it in the thread.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the candy! [details=Candy for You]


I love this costume

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EDIT: Looks like I started a Dirty Costume trend on this thread !

You always bring cake and candies man, kinda creepy! :laughing:
Happy halloween everyone!


Happy halloween! Dont forget to get drunk af and have fun, but dont drive while intoxicated!


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The costume basically symbolizes what I am :wink:

Just like me, but smaller. I’ll have to call you jr. from now on.

Halloween. One of my favorite holidays. I like to hand out mini packages of haribo sugar free gummy bears. If you’ve never heard of them, you should most definitely read the reviews for them on amazon.

18+ below!

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I didn’t dress up. These are NOT me
Just some random things I found online. I was trying to find the Daniel Tosh one where he has the fake muscles and I found the 18+ one and bread man on google images which led to his site.

Happy Halloween!

PS don’t really buy that mask…please don’t…

Generally sharing pictures of me on the internet isn’t my thing but, oh well. Here is mine from Facebook.

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That is an awesome Halloween costume!
Thanks for sharing Travis!

I resorted to being a pirate because I had eye surgery during the day and having an eye-patch gave all the reasoning I needed.

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I also managed to get a pirate hat from another pirate once we shared the mutual respect, can hardly see it though.


That is absolutely awesome.

I agree, but am I the only one who noticed the eye patch switched eyes in a few pics?

EDIT. Thanks Pavman.

Am I the only one with a wicked hangover today?

It was a mirror and front camera.