Happy Halloween!

Make sure you abuse this tradition by dragging your self to people’s houses and shouting ‘Trick or Treat’ in the hopes you get free candy/sweets! It doesn’t matter how old you are.

Here’s your bag, use it wisely.

sp00ky tunes



Just for you weiner23:

One of my favorite times of year!

You beat me to it. I usually throw these Halloween threads. Oh well.

I brought a **** load of candy for you kiddies like last Halloween. [details=More Than Enough]


I’m taking my son and nephew to this free trunk or treat & BBQ cookout today, we went last year and it was amazing. We’ll be doing some old school trick or treating after I eat a bunch of free BBQ lol.

If you’re going to post in this thread you should come in costume. [details=My Costume][/details]

Happy Halloween friends!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Halloween!

why is the halloween kid song for me ? im 16 almost lol and 2 weeks away from finishing 12th grade lol

Yay another reason to drink without being judged. Just what I needed in my life.

Did you skip grades?

no im homeschooled and since im homeschooled i can do more then a kid at a school so i finished 2 grades in summer

This can be true, but it’s not always the case. In fact many miss out on many important things most kids learn by going to school. A 12th grader should have much better grammar, punctuation and all around people skills than what you present sometimes. I have a 9 year old in public school and he’s doing great in every aspect of learning and interaction in social environments. I can honestly say that he could have said what I just said better than I just did lol.

A lot of these home schooled kids miss out on very important social stuff like meeting friends and having to interact with adults other than their parents/caretakers and immediate family. When I get a call from my kids school I’m always a bit stressed when I answer it, but it’s always good news, something like, "Hello, is this Dyllan’s dad?, “(Me)Yes it is”, “Dyllan really helped out a lot in class today, thanks for helping him understand that it’s ok to interact with other students and share his thoughts on things we’re learning about in class”, “(Me)No problem, that’s just how he is”, “I wish all my students were like that”, “(Me)Hopefully he’ll rub off on them”, “Hopefully, thanks Dyllan’s dad”. 9 out of every 10 calls I’ve ever gotten from my son’s school have been like that.

To me it sounds like you’re pretty much trapped in the house all day, every day. That’s not good. You need to get out and interact in the real word. I’m not trying to be mean or sound like I know how **** works but I know from personal experience and from being a parent and uncle. I know I had a great time going to public school and I couldn’t even imagine having to stay home getting home schooled. I would have went crazy.

true its not like i choose to be home schooled Steve basically wasted 8 years of my life i was fine when i was in school hell had most the kids in my class my friend but when u live in vegas and 9 year old kids are taking pot and knifes to school its not always a good idea to be in a school like that

my post night advide: don’t go as banana. it is fun for 10 minutes but then people constantly asking for selfies and **** gets annoying lol

I went around with friends and drew c o c k s in the road with shaving cream. Fun fun fun.

Ahh. I remember being 16 years old.