Happy new year to all

Happy new to all and hope 2021 starts out good for everyone
And get this virus out of here
Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year and heres to good thing and lots of new and exciting ideas for wemod in 2021 ! :exploding_head: :bomb::boom::champagne:
I still have 4 hours left to go !

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Happy New Year / Merry 2021 / Welcome to year 2 of COVID-19 :laughing:

What are everyone’s New Year resolutions?

My New Year resolution is to not make a New Year resolution because I never stick to it. :rofl:

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Hi WeMod staff, sorry about the delay of wishing you all the very best for 2021 may all the good things happen for you stay safe from Covid 19 and a prosperous and a very Happy New Year.
all the best to all the members and Staff.

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Well my New Years resolution is (Don’t Laugh) I will NEVER buy another Rockstar Game what a lousy outfit, even with the Trainer the game is still hard work, and Dutch’s crazy verbal well I am GUTTED.