Hard Reset: REDUX version trainer

Hi STN, and ALL other Trainer makers !

Please can you look into this request ? I would be HIGHLY thankful for any help you may provide. I want a trainer for the new REDUX version of HARD RESET.

But I need all the following options to be implemented, as I really find this game too hard to beat, as it is very fast paced and hard for me. Please can you make a trainer with all these options?

  1. Infinite player health/HP.

  2. Super Shields.

  3. Infinite ammo/no reload (all weapons).

  4. Infinite Energy Weapon, and Rifle Weapon ammo.

  5. 1 HIT easy kills. // I really want this option.

  6. Ghost mode/Invisible, so that the enemies don’t attack the player. // I really want this option.

  7. Slowmotion enemies/AI, so that all the enemies cannot move and run very fast. // I really want this option.

  8. Unlimited Skillpoints.

  9. Add Upgrade Points, and any other option which you may like to implement for this game.

Please help asap. Good to see a new website. I really like the format ! Keep up the hard work. You have my RESPECT !

Anyone can help me make a TRAINER for this game ? Ready to donate/pay a small fee via PayPal as well. Just let me know your thoughts. I really want a trainer with all the above options.

Thanks, and Sorry for the bump ! Take care.

Just pushing it to the top, so that it doesn’t get buried down in the list. :flushed:

I agree with Nick.
Need a trainer implemented into wemod for this game. (Hard Reset Redux 64 bit Steam edition)

Man that comment was like 3 - 4 years ago. And still not yet !