Hated Revamp (G-Eazy Styled)

Another one.

Too Many Graphics nik joking. The red lines make him look like cyclops (I like that), it looks great.

What do you use to edit with? Adobe Photoshop? I’m curious because I’ve always wanted to try and make something lol…

Awesome banner! It’s G Eazy, right? You should add your logo on the banners you make, just a small one.

Good work!

Adobe Photoshop CC and Cinema 4D R14 Studio.

2Pro tbh


Looks awesome as always

cough desktopshopsolonely cough

Eh, after viewing the other graphic threads you’ve created recently, (The Nature Project!) and (Tech Style!), this one is my least favorite. I don’t know exactly what draws me away from this graphic, but I just feel as if the other two were a lot nicer and detailed.

…this one is dark and red. Lol

Still, I enjoy looking at your work when you share it with us because it’s far better than what I can do and, like I’ve said in the past, it’d be awesome to know your work prior to making it with a eSport team or such.

Thanks for sharing!