Hateful's FREE GFX pack

What’s up my Sexys I have a pack full of
-Youtube layouts
-and of course Epic smiley.

Heres the download:
Hateful Is Cool.zip

Note: SOME stuff I got from roaming around. But Most of its mine. 98%
One of the Youtube layouts:

Open Me

One of the Backgrounds:[details=Open Me]


One of the layouts:

Remember to Thanks :smile: ( if you want of course)

I will for sure test this.
I’ll edit this post when I’m done
(and give any necessary thanks :smile:)

epic man :thumbsup: jolly good fun >.<

Your 300th post congrats

nice post bro

Sweet,I Am Currently Downloading But Can You Preview Some Of The Items Inside?

haha i just noticed that :laughing:

Downloading now thanks man

Hateful isnt cool…I need to change the name of that File.

Updated Guys with examples from the pack

I like it, i just do not think you mad the Background, i have seen it everywere


One of the things i picked up

Ok, i really like it though


Your WELCOME. Hint…

Umm i already thanked your post

Oh it didn’t have your name when i posted.