Have no fear, Ravenfyre is here

Greetings fellow internet wanderers and filthy cheaters. :wave: :smiley:
I guess it’s about time I should write an introduction post. Well, here goes.

  • My gaming name is Ravenfyre. Because I like ravens and fire. Phoenixes are so yesterday.
  • I have been gaming since I was a child. Most of the younger crowd have never heard of the consoles and hand-helds that I gamed on in the past. I feel slightly sorry for them.
  • I am a remote part-time Community Manager and game level designer for a small, indie game app company. Great company, brilliant people, poor pay (lol).
  • I am also an author and content writer.
  • I have three cats, a Siberian husky and a parakeet to cheer me on when I’m gaming in my spare time. And yes, they all get along. Don’t ask me how, they just do.
  • My top three favourite game genres are open world RPG, strategy and horror.
  • My top three favourite game franchises are Elder Scrolls, Bioshock and Fallout.
  • The game that is the closest to my heart is The Last of Us.
  • If time travel was invented, I’d go back and get myself a pet triceratops.
  • I am British.
  • I am addicted to tea.

Nice to meet you all. Happy gaming and happy cheating. :bird:


Hi welcome to the community. Nice to have you and helping out !
I have one cat. Dog bit it about 2 months ago he was old , hips were real bad shape .
Ya I’m an oldie too bought Atari new at the store ! Haha
Well ya that’s a thing ain’t it ? Brits and tea ? I think ?
Well have fun cheating. Nice to have you here !

Oh and we dont have any fear here at wemod ! Lol

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile:
Poor kitty :scream_cat:
Ah, the Atari. How the graphics have changed over the years. Still a classic.

Also crumpets, awesome accents, constant moaning and Lara Croft.

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