Haven’t used horizon one a long time, and have questions

Hi, as the title says, I haven’t used this in a while so I have questions.

  1. How can this be safely downloaded? I downloaded this 3 times in the past and have gotten malware and other things added all times. Is there any way to prevent This? And if so, could someone link me the safe download?

  2. Regarding gears of war 3, is it possible to get seriously 3.0 with this, and how high are the chances of getting banned, considering the game is almost a decade old? Is it possible to get characters with mods? Ik now adam and the preorders require codes and the dlc are, dlc, but can I get characters such as Prescott and the golden miner? I’m mainly wondering if I can unlock beta thrashball Cole using horizon.

  3. How safe is it to get gamer pictures and avatar rewards using this?

These questions probably have been asked but I thought I’d ask because things can change between the the years since the og threads. Thanks for help and support.

Can try this download
Direct download link
Sorry other questions not up on 360 much anymore.

Thanks for the link, I’ll try it. Hopefully there’s still 360 players on here that would know for gears of war.

Ya if anyone would about 360 its Steve wonda. He pops in usually every day.

I got horizon diamond and modded gears of war to give me all the onyx medals, and it didn’t pop seriously 3.0. When I closed the game and reopened, everything reset, what did I do wrong?