Having problems with Infinity 3

I am noticing i am having a problem with infinity 3 because when ever i open it this JavaScript error appears. It gives me the option to Press Ok or close it and both of them close but after a while it appears again and it constantly does this.
It also appears every time i activate a game.

Try running the INFINITY app as an ADMIN. Use administrator rights to launch the tool.

Nope, just ran it as Admin still pops up.

Do you have any kind of AV?

A what? @N1ceToMeetYou

By AV he meant any kind of ANTIVIRUS or firewall software installed on your OS.

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I have Bytefence anti malware

Bytefence seems pretty shady. Might want to switch over to something more reputable. You should definitely make an exeption for infinity (google if you don’t know how).

You should uninstall infinity, delete any left-over files (would be located in %appdata% and/or %localappdata%) and reinstall.

If the issue persisted I would make a duplicate of the infinity installation in %localappdata% and see if the duplicate has the same issue.

Does this still happen even after a restart? Try that and open Infinity right away when you boot back into Windows.

@sNaKe @Travis ok i unistalled the AV and it seems to stop giving me this error message when i boot up Infinity i dont know about later times tho i will message again if it still says the problem but it seems like it fixed it.

now i just need another AV service lol.

If you’re on win 10 the defender is perfectly fine.

yeah i am in windows 10, so that means i dont need one.

As long as you don’t download shady stuff, defender should be fine. You might want to pick up a key for kaspersky, bitdefender or malwarebytes premium. g2a.com sometimes has cheap keys. The free version of malwarebytes is great but it doesn’t include real-time protection, meaning it only detects malware during scans.

ahh ok ill try to see for the kaspersky because i have used it before.