Hay day tool, help!

Hi guys! Can anyone create a hack tool to hay day? (the cellphone game) Or tell me how to do, and i pay for it! :smile:

And all tools i have found is full of virus and **** :confused:

horizon is for xbox, not cell phones. And have you even rooted the device?

It was changed to horizonmb from xboxmb so they could open up to more than just one system however i believe this falls under the tech section found near the bottom of the list in th main forums page

guys first of all I see a lot of ppl talking about def stuff besides xbox I seen stuff like how to fix a car on here so don’t get all up in this guys chesse lol :wink:

it’s posted in the “xbox gaming” section.

And i did say “horizon”, not “horizonmb”.

yes but look his new to this website how would u know were to post

well, considering that he joined early 2011 and corrected me.

tip: “reply with quote”.

he joined in 2013 not 2011

OP = 2013

hawkblade555 = 2011

There, Argument Resolved.