HDD HACKR-Use any laptop 2.5"hdd for a xbox 360 hardrive

Hey guys i recently did this my self Here are some links that helped me do this . (You can only do up to 320 gb other wise you will have to partition the hdd while hacking it .This is due to xbox only has a 320ss.bin file out and nothing bigger.)If you want something bigger than you will have to RGH your console.

EDIT : I ADDED the TX links Below instead of the other ones i had on there.
Links For HDD.BIN File

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Link For X360prousb HACKr Tool

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Also here is the Youtube link for a video Tutorial.

I hope this Helps you guys out there.If you already knew how to do this great if not i hope this is what you were looking for.(I do not take credit for any of the Tutorials or download links.Im simply just trying to help by showing you how you can by giving you the tools.

P.S. I had to buy one from best buy and it cost only 50 $ for a 320 gb hdd … Pretty cheap compare to the 140$ for the Microsoft one.

EDIT: You Can Also Use the OLD Xbox 360 hard drive in your phat console for your new slim without having to hack.


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Nice post but this seems a little to complicated lol. :smile:

Actually its not. Its really easy if you follow the tutorial that i posted you will be like wow this is easy as crap… lol. Although the guy in the video looks like he just woke up .

Anyone can do this its super easy … Just dont over complicate it …

Virus scan please.

There are no viruses on any of the files…But as soon as i can i will go to my up stairs computer and do that for you guys…


Here is an official TX link
HDDHackr v1.30 Build 20110303 - Downloads - 360Mods

X30USB PRO HDD Hacker Tool v0.21 - Multi-Language - Downloads - 360Mods

Thanks for the links now i dont have to do virus check yay ! lol … If you guys run into any problems with this when trying to do it dont hesitate to pm me and ask questions.

Works great! Thank you!

Too lazy to watch the tutorial.
Does this involve taking the xbox apart?

Lol nah this has been around for quite a while, it involves buying the appropriate 2.5" drive and a HDD casing

Yes you are correct. You do not have to take your xbox apart at all.
All you need is:

A Flash Drive
Correct Western Digital 2.5 " Laptop internal Harddrive
All the Specified Files Above
Also you will need a computer that has sata ports if you dont and you still run on IDE then you can buy this VIA Card 6421. ITs only about 12 bucks.(you can also use a usb to Sata Adapter as well.


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Buy VIA6421 PCI Sata Card - XCONSOLES USA - Fast WorldWide Shipping

For the laptop harddrive you can pretty much use any:
Western Digital Scorpio Blue,Scorpio Black,Cavalair, Or other WD 2.5 " products.

Here is some links for some from Best Buy

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Western Digital - 320GB Internal Hard Drive for Laptops - WDBABC3200ANC-NRSN

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Western Digital - Scorpio Blue 250GB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive for Laptops - WDBABB2500ANC-NRSN

Also Links From other TX supported Websites For the HDD

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Buy Western Digital WD3200BEVT 320GB 2.5" SATA Hard Drive - XCONSOLES USA - Fast WorldWide Shipping

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Hard Disk Drive Case for Xbox 360 Slim (Black) [slim_NO_HDD] - $8.99 : VGCrepairs, We do it right!

Hope this helps guys.